Best screen record apps for iPhone in 2022

Best screen record apps for iPhone

No one likes taking the time to write out long texts. It’s much easier to show someone what you’re talking about by sending a video or recording your screen. Apple offers some built-in options, but even better third-party apps are available in the App Store. Here are the Best screen record apps for iPhone that let you save and share precisely what you see on your device’s display:

AirShou-Best screen record apps for iPhone

AirShou is a screen recording app that lets you record your screen and the audio from any app. It’s one of the best apps for recording gameplays, live streams, and tutorials.

The app allows you to record multiple resolutions, frame rates, and codecs. The built-in editor lets you trim and splice videos to get precisely what you want from them.

Another great feature is that it supports AirPlay mirroring and iOS screen mirroring on Mac devices. 


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Video is a free screen recorder app for iPhone that lets you record your screen and add audio. After you’ve finished recording, the app allows you to share your video directly to social media so friends and family can see what it’s like in your world. You can also save videos directly to your camera roll so they don’t disappear after 24 hours or keep them private if you prefer not to share them with everyone on Facebook.

This app is great because it’s easy to use, and it’s free! The only downside is that Vidyo doesn’t have any editing features—so if you want more control over how your final product looks, this isn’t the best choice for you.

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Screen Recordings

Screen Recordings is a free app that allows you to record front and back cameras. You can also record audio and video in slow motion, HD, 4K, etc.

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Display Recorder – Best screen record apps for iPhone

If you’re looking for an app to record your device’s screen and audio, Display Recorder is a great choice. It allows you to record your phone’s screen in HD, 4K, and 1080p resolutions. You can also record your phone’s screen in 720p or 480p if those are more suitable for the type of content that you want to capture.

The app includes some basic editing features to trim down clips and add transitions between them (such as fade-in/fade-out). However, this feature set isn’t nearly as robust as what’s offered by apps like Screen Recorder Pro or Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder (both of which we’ll discuss later).

The user interface is friendly and straightforward – tap on the red button at the bottom of the screen when ready to start recording video or audio from your device’s microphone input jack.

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EveryCord- Best screen record apps for iPhone

EveryCord is a screen recording app for iOS that allows you to record your iPhone screen to create videos, GIFs, and animated images. Unlike most other apps, EveryCord does not have a time limit and doesn’t add any watermarks or ads on the recordings.

EveryCord supports all devices running iOS 9 or later operating system versions.

iRec Screen Recorder- Best screen record apps for iPhone

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our years of reviewing apps, it’s that there are a lot of apps out there that do the same thing. iRecScreenRecorder is a free app that does what it says on the box: it records video and audio, as well as your screen or gameplay. The app offers many different options for what kind of recording you want to do (screencast, gameplay). It can also record with or without an external microphone if needed.

The interface is simple enough to use but still gives users plenty of options regarding recording settings and other functions within the app itself. If you’re looking for something straightforward without bells or whistles—just an easy way to record whatever comes up on your phone—this could be a good fit for you!

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Streamer for Periscope

Streamer for Periscope is a free app that allows you to record your screen. It’s also available on the app store, compatible with the iphone and iPad, and it can record up to 60 minutes of video. The app is capable of recording in 1080p or 720p resolution.

Best screen record apps for iPhone

  • If you’re looking for the best screen recorder app for iPhone, we have some great news: tons of them are out there!
  • While there isn’t one specific program that stands above the rest in terms of quality and reliability, we’ve narrowed our list to include only apps with high user ratings and positive reviews.
  • We started by selecting some of the most popular options on the market, then looked at each one’s features and pricing plans. Finally, we analyzed customer feedback from both iTunes users (including those who paid for their purchases) and Google Play reviewers (who received these apps for free).

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This has been our list of the top 5 best screen recording apps for iPhone. Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments section below.

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