How to Hide Apps on iPhone in 2022

How to Hide Apps on iPhone

You would want to hide apps on your iPhone for many reasons. It could be that some apps on your phone have personal information, or you don’t like somebody else seeing them. This article will look at hiding apps on an iPhone and making them disappear. How to hide apps on iPhone.

Hide apps on iPhone

  • How to hide apps on your iPhone

  • How to hide apps on iPhone 11

  • How to hide apps on iPhone 10

  • How to hide apps from your home screen iPhone


Hide apps on iPhone 11

You can hide apps on your phone when you need to keep things private. Whether you’re trying to hide pictures from nosy family members or prevent yourself from making silly mistakes, it’s useful to have at least one app that will let you lock certain files away for good. Here are some great ways to hide apps on iPhone 11:

  • You can use a password lock. This is the easiest way because your photos and other files will be encrypted using a passcode or thumbprint recognition system.

  • You could also try creating a secondary storage device that holds all of the data but doesn’t appear as an app icon on your home screen. For example, if there were two separate folders named “Photos” and “Videos,” then each would appear in its folder under where they belong (Documents). If anyone right-clicking on any one of these folders with their mouse cursor while holding down CTRL+ALT+DEL buttons simultaneously or hitting the ESCAPE button once only once upon opening up the Finder window (which usually appears when double-clicking onto any given directory), then nothing would happen except getting back into whatever program was being used initially before starting this process!


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Hide apps on iPhone 10

If you don’t want to see apps in your app drawer, you can hide them.

You can use the same method on your iPhone and iPad, and it’s a straightforward process: tap on the app you want to hide, then tap again on the “x” next to its name. You’ll be asked if you want it removed; tap “remove.”

To unhide an app that’s been hidden in this way, go into Settings > General > iPhone Storage (or iPad Storage) and scroll down to uninstall apps. From here, find your hidden app and tap its name once more—but this time, click “restore” instead of removing it!

Hide apps on the home screen iPhone

Following these steps will allow you to hide apps on your iPhone.

  • Tap on General in your iPhone’s Settings app.

  • You can enable the iOS 11 motion sickness prevention feature by scrolling down and tapping Reduce Motion (it helps you avoid motion sickness).

  • Scroll down to App Display and toggle it off so that apps will no longer appear in-app switcher cards or Control Center when you swipe up from the bottom edge of your screen — this can make them harder to find users who use AssistiveTouch. Still, it’ll also keep them hidden from other users who don’t want to see all of their apps at once!


How to hide apps on iPhone 6

Here’s how to hide apps on your iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app and tap General.

  • Scroll down to Accessibility and tap it.

  • Tap Vision, then scroll down to the bottom of this menu and tap App Display Settings under Advanced Settings for Vision in iOS 11 or earlier versions of iOS (it’s called Reduce Transparency under Increase Contrast in iOS 12). A pop-up will ask you to confirm your selection by tapping OK, then proceed below.

  • From here, you can swipe up or down on each application icon until its transparency slider appears at the bottom right corner of its icon; if it doesn’t appear, try swiping left or right several times instead of up and down so that a different section of icons is visible before trying again

  • This seems like an issue with some people’s devices where certain apps are not labeled properly during first-run setup/restore process which causes them not show up in “Hide” groupings after reboot/restore from iCloud backup because their label is corrupted during initial setup process due inserting wrong information into the wrong field when setting up a new device (this happened after restoring my old phone into the new one due to no other option).


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How to hide apps on iPhone 11 pro max

Here’s how to hide apps on iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2 minutes.

How to hide apps on iPhone 7

  • From the home screen, tap “Settings.”

  • Tap “General”

  • Scroll down and tap “Accessibility.”

  • Tap “Vision”

This will open up Vision settings. Here, you can find a toggle labeled “Reduce Motion.” This is what you’ll want to turn on if you want to hide apps on your iPhone 7—it’s pretty much the only way.

How to hide apps on iPhone home screen

  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update

  • Tap on Update All at the bottom of your screen

  • Select Reboot in the pop-up, and then let your device Reboot

How to Hide Apps on iPhone in 2 Minutes

  • You can hide an app by tapping and holding it.

  • The app’s preview card can be accessed by swiping up, then tapping Hide App.

  • Follow these steps to show an app again:

a) Go to your Home screen.

b) Hold your finger on an empty spot until all of your apps begin wiggling (this means they’re ready to perform multiple actions at once).

c) Swipe the left or right arrow over any app to find the one you are looking for, then tap it to open it!


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