iPhone water problem solution

Sometimes in the excitement of adventures, we do some mistakes. Such as, forgetting to take the phone out of our pocket before visiting the pool or beach. Or can suddenly fall the mobile into the water by mistake. It can happen in the gym or toilets or during playing golf or on a hike time. Even the iPhone can get wet on rainy days; those kinds of thousands of reasons can be happed of your iPhone water damage. So it’s truly important to your know some basic things about water damage. As if “how to check the iPhone”, “how to fix water damage”?


The good news is that Apple has started making the iPhone water-resistant since the iPhone 7. But you can not confuse the word water resistant with waterproof. You have to be clever and know that a simple water drop can easily damage your phone.

How to know your iPhone is having water damage?

The most common way to know that your iPhone is having water damage is to appear as tiny bubbles under the iPhone screen. Or it also can be corrosion and discoloration inside the charging port. Perhaps the iPhone water damage doesn’t look like anything from the outside. Sometimes if you shake the phone on your hand some water drops come off. But shaking the phone after water damage is more injuries to the iPhone; do not try it and avoid this way to fix your phone.

Or an effective way to check the water inside your iPhone is to remove SIM Card Slot and check. In every model of iPhone, you can remove the SIM Card Slot; and those iPhone models which have headphone jacks and charging ports. You can check those places also.

Always remember one thing before you remove the sim card tray to check water, make sure that the phone is fully dry from the outside. After removing the sim card tray from the iPhone hole the phone screen is down facing. You can use a flashlight to look into the sim card slot and check the LCI. And keep the phone surface down always so that if any water is inside the iPhone it can come out easily.

How To Check An LCI Inside The Headphone Jack Or Charging Port?

It’s easier to see the LCIs on older iPhones. Shine a flashlight into your iPhone’s headphone jack or charging port, depending on which model you have.

The most common math of Home technique to recover the iPhone water damage problem.

There is a traditional way to fix an iPhone after getting wet in water or any other liquid. Is to put the phone on the rice. Do not do this with your phone. Its do work sometimes to put it on the rice because rice sucks water. But you have to understand that rice also has tiny pieces and rice dust on it. Those go into your iPhone and can able to damage your phone more and most importantly can be the reason for any permanent damage.

What we can do at home?

First, do avoid the rice trick first. To replace the rice trick you can do one thing that is truly effective and helpful to recover your iPhone. First, dry your iPhone from the outside then remove all the parts then let the phone in sunlight at a regular temperature. Do not give the phone direct sunlight because it can be damaged by high temperatures. High temperatures can make some other problems to your phone; such as battery blasts or damage, screen damage, and camera or flashlight problems.

Take help from an expert.

If your iPhone or mobile did not respond after drying it well then you can contact an expert or repair shop.