The JibonBook social media networking

Nowadays it’s hard to find a person who is not using social media. A research report of 2023 says that In a world of 7 billion people, 4.76 billion people are available on social media platforms; that is 59.4 percent of the global population. Currently, worldwide there are so many social media platforms. Such as – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, messenger,  what’s app, WeChat, and many others; the list goes on and on. Cause it’s hard to say the exact number of the social networking sites.

In this huge list of social media users, all the social media platforms belong to foreigners. There is no single well-developed social media platform from our country Bangladesh. But in recent days, a Bangladesh IT company has created an outstanding social media platform for Bangladeshi users that can also be used globally. The name of This site is JibonBook.

The JibonBook is a fully Bangladeshi social media platform. That is exactly like Facebook. Easy to use and a great way to build a huge chain of social communication. Do you know Jibonbook already has millions of users in Bangladesh and this number is increasing day by day.  And in the near future, this social media platform has a high chance to boost up and establish the site as a global communication system.  Jibonbook has created by the Bangladeshi developers. The algorithm of this website is mesmerizing. Because the response rate of this website is truly fast enough Fo building a better communication system.

To use this outstanding Bangladeshi social networking website, you have to just visit the Japan book website. to visit the do you Jibon book website- click here.

As we have mentioned before that JibonBook is exactly like Facebook. So we are pretty sure that you already know the use of it. Because we are all familiar with Facebook. But still, we want to guide you to our website Jibonbook.  Our social media is available as a website. That can be run easily on your computer or mobile phone. It doesn’t matter which version you are using because it’s available on Android and I OS boot.

In the beginning, we will guide you to the first step of the JibonBook. To use this social networking platform all you have to just open an account. This account can be created easily with a few clicks of your mouse or computer. So let’s start.

How to open an account in JIbonBook –

-Visit the website of Jibonbook first.

-There will be an interface for login and creating an account.

-Click on create an account.

-Full fill in the basic details on the form.

-Give your first name, middle and last name.

– your mobile phone number

-Select your gender and the last step is to click on Sign up.

After opening the account you can easily log in your account by clicking on the login option. after opening the account you can set your profile according to what you want.  Even you can also login your JibonBook by your other social media profile. Such as – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat. There is thousands of option and a variety of system to add to your profile. You can set your profile picture and cover photo. Set up your profile by giving information about where you live and what’s your hometown or current living place.

You can also edit your professional life information, such as where you are studying or where you have studied for. Even the name of your office with your professional rank. Your experience and internship details also can be added. Try the features of providing personal information, by adding information about what’re your hobbies or what sector you have interest on which sector you have an interest in.

You can easily make friends on the JibonBook by sending a friend request and accepting friend requests also. You can also share your daily activities on your profile by posting updates. All formats’ contents can be uploaded to this Jibonbook social networking site. You can easily share your text status pictures or images videos reels and other content. the communication system of this website is truly fast and clear. The algorithm of this website is so well organized that your text will deliver in less than a second so that you can enjoy a fast communication service.

The JibonBook social media networking system can be a great option to explore world news and other topics. You can read the blog on the site regularly and can publish your writing on the website. The best thing is to use the JibonBook as an online shop. Because you will find a great option for Shopping on the site and it’s totally trustworthy. All the sellers and buyers are verified by the JibonBook officials.

This site is not only thinking about your entertainment or social networking communication but also this site has clear thoughts about your privacy. so the privacy of this website is too tight so that any kind of hacker cannot get into your profile. your communication pictures or any kinds of content are safe with us. all you just need to open your account and enjoy your social media life with JibonBook.